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Addtional Services

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We strive to offer a wide range of language services. In addition to our core services, we also offer:

Telephone Interpretation


Telephone interpreting is a form of interpretation that can be performed in diverse contexts. The basic premise, though, is the presence of two speakers who are unable to properly communicate with one another due to a language barrier. Instead of requesting the physical presence of an interpreter in a certain place, the speakers make use of the interpreter’s services through a telecommunications system. These situations may occur in hospitals, hotels or police stations, where both speakers are face to face, or in other contexts where two speakers contact each other through a telematic communication device, such as during a phone call to the emergency number.

Transcription Services


The term transcription refers to the process by which audio or video materials are transferred into a text format for indexing, accessibility or archival purposes. Transcription techniques are used in a variety of different fields including law enforcement, musical performance and for numerous business purposes.

Machine Translation


Machine translation (MT) refers to fully automated software that can translate source content into target languages. Humans may use MT to help them render text and speech into another language, or the MT software may operate without human intervention. MT tools are often used to translate vast amounts of information involving millions of words that could not possibly be translated the traditional way. This is particularly useful when the reason for translating a document is to have an idea of the source document and to not have an in-depth understanding.

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