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Welcome to our Community

We at Language Solutions don't just believe in providing excellent services, we also want to give back to the community and spread our love for language. 
This is why we organise monthly meet ups where our friends and family get to practice speaking in their 3rd or 4th language.  

Language Soultions Meet up 1.png
Language Soultions Meet up 2.png

Do you want to practice your language skills? Every month we have different social activities with native speakers. Whether it's cooking, dancing, or just a cup of coffee, join us and expand your social circle while getting to practice your (something) language. Our current sessions are in English, Malay, French and Spanish so you can meet people who speak the same language!

Black Washed Wall
Black Washed Wall

We believe that language learning is about communicating with people, rather than memorizing vocabulary. Our sessions are designed to help you learn a language in a relaxed and enjoyable way, using games, song and conversation.

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