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Interpretation Services

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Simultaneous Interpretation


This type of interpretation is most effective for large meetings and conferences.It requires specialised equipment: all contributions are relayed by microphone to the team of interpreters working from soundproof booths within the room, their interpretation is then

transmitted back to the delegates through individual headsets. Simultaneous interpretation requires at least two interpreters per language in a booth and each one interprets for roughly thirty minutes. When not interpreting, the other interpreter will stay in the booth and prepare for the next speech and help the other interpreter if necessary.


Equipment Rental


The use of interpreting equipment is essential for effective multilingual communication at international conferences, business meetings, press conferences, presentations or corporate tours.


The use of simultaneous interpreting equipment will ensure smooth and quick communication across all languages and will make sure that the other participants are not disrupted from the main event.


For simultaneous interpreting, the most effective form of interpreting for large meetings and conferences, all contributions are relayed by a microphone to the team of interpreters working from soundproof booths within the conference or meeting room. Their interpretation is then transmitted back to the delegates through individual headsets.


Equipment provided can include:


  • Interpreter booths

  • Delegates’ headsets

  • Transmission systems

  • Delegate response systems / “Push to Talk” microphones

  • Tour guide interpreting systems

  • Specialised equipment is also needed for ‘on the move’ events such as tour guide interpreting whereby a tour guide’s speech will be transmitted to the group via an interpreter through headsets. This type of interpreting equipment is also very suitable for press conferences or other smaller events that require simultaneous interpreting.

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Consecutive Interpretation


This form of interpretation is most efficient at meetings and presentations with a small audience. The interpreter needs to have excellent concentration, memory and understanding. Samples of situations when consecutive interpreting is used are question and answer sessions, presentations, press conferences, speeches, court hearings, conference calls and interviews. The interpreter takes notes while a participant speaks, and an interpretation is then rendered after the speaker has finished, or at appropriate intervals during the speech.


• No specialist technical equipment is required.


Whispering Interpretation


Whispering interpreting or ‘chuchotage’ is usually only used when one or two people do not understand the source language. This type of interpreting is useful for one-to-one or small meetings, walking visits, tours or during social events and dinners. The interpreter is seated or stands next to the meeting participants and simultaneously renders the interpretation in a low voice. No technical equipment is required.


We offer all types of interpretation services


Whether you require interpretation services for a significant international conference or a small business meeting, Language Solutions will provide you with excellent professional interpreters in any language combination. We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for conferences, legal proceedings, medical appointments, human resource meetings, confidential business negotiations, discussions, speeches, seminars and other types of events. Our interpreters have been carefully evaluated and are selected for their proven language proficiency, educational credentials and breadth of experience. Language Solutions also provides interpretation equipment and on-site technical support for simultaneous interpretation events.


What are the different types of Interpretation Services?

Interpretation Services

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