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Multilingual DTP

Multilingual DTP

What is Multilingual DTP (Desktop Publishing)


Multilingual DTP is the art of creating a translated document that is faithful to the original in terms of layout and design aesthetic. This is because the new language will change the look and layout of your text. When translating into Spanish or Italian, the number of characters will increase, requiring reformatting to fit it all in. For languages like Chinese or Japanese, breaks between words are not indicated in the same way as they are in Romance languages, so reformatting after translation makes sure the line breaks are correct. For languages that read right-to-left, such as Arabic or Hebrew, the whole design will need to be flipped.


This is where Multilingual DTP services may prove to be invaluable to you. Our DTP specialists will work hand in hand with our linguistic team to ensure that the translated content looks as good as it does in the original language and carries the same message across. With both these teams working together, we will handle the translation, DTP and proofreading/checking to ensure that the documents are print-ready.  Our team will also evaluate each project visually to ensure that it is culturally acceptable. For example, certain colours and graphics may not be suitable to be used in some cultures and may need to be adapted to the local market. We will also take into account the differences in characters and punctuations for different languages.


Our DTP team will also deal directly with printers who aren’t used to working with multilingual documents such as Arabic documents which read right to left.


Our DTP services can be used to create the following:


•    Magazines

•    Company newsletters

•    Brochures

•    Catalogues

•    Newspapers

•    User-manuals

•    Books

•    Pamphlets

•    Annual reports

•    Flyers


We use Apple Macs and PCs and work with:


 Adobe InDesign

•    Adobe Illustrator

•    Adobe Photoshop

•    Adobe FrameMaker

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