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Transcription Services

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Transcription services that solve business problems. 

Our professional transcription service is designed to help you cut costs and save time, while ensuring accuracy. We can transcribe any audio or video file in any language pair, and we offer a flat rate for any number of speakers. 

We offer verbatim transcription, which means that we keep the exact words of your speaker exactly as they were spoken, and non-verbatim transcription, which excludes all unnecessary speech to make a transcript more readable without changing the meaning or structure.

All our transcription services are available for any number of speakers, with flat rates for pricing.  

We also provide multilingual transcription service in over 90 different language pairs, so no matter what language your speakers are speaking in, we'll be able to handle it for you! 

All foreign language transcriptions, will be certified by the relevant bodies, if required. 

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